Tying the Knot: of Responsibility and Relationship


For about a year now, my girlfriend and I decided to live under one roof. It was a mutual decision coming from two responsible adults. Being in a five year old relationship we believed our move to be appropriate then. But prior that, the two of us were both independent souls, who like many others coming from a province, had braved leaving the comforts of home to basically try life in the metropolis.

August last year, we divulged our relationship set-up with our parents. Of course, we got reprimanded of our actions. We heard a litany of morals and lessons about married life. Talking to my Girlfriend’s father was for me, the most daunting task a boyfriend should face.

I remember myself hiding the fear when I spoke face to face with my future father in-law. He’s a man of few words yet he has this firm stance on certain subjects which I never intend to oppose with. With an utmost sincerity, I laid my plans for her daughter and my future family, which, thankfully, he found as honest and sensible one. Thus, in the end, I won his trust and consent to continue the relationship set-up her daughter and I had started.

This year is the year I ought to bring my fiancée to the altar. It is a promise that I want to fulfill. For one year of being together as live-in partners I believe that we’ve had enough as an amateur couple. We’ve seen the best and the worst part of being in this stage, making us prepared of what’s more to come as husband and wife.

There are many instances that can prove how ready we are on trailing this path. One: We’ve already played the role of father and mother when our siblings came to live with us. We are the onlookers who stay on guard for their needs and safety. Two: We’ve come to know the importance of money, especially on how to spend it with enough prudence. Since both of us are breadwinners who still support each of our families, we both learned the value of frugality and Three: We knew what things to sacrifice. If before we can stay late jamming with friends, now we can’t. It should be family first.

Last January I started taking overtime work so I can earn ahead of time since we’re planning to have our wedding sometime in December. I want our wedding to be simple and intimate, simply because I can’t afford an extravagant one. I am even looking for sponsors and friends who can share their time and service for free (evil laugh). Of course, I should be the one shouldering the expenses since I can’t rely on anyone. I still have time left for the hard work and I hope I can meet the target. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I always bear in mind the constant reminder coming from my mother that marriage is not comparable to eating rice that you can spit out the moment you realize it’s hot and that it is not  also just a word but a sentence, a life sentence, perhaps.

Well, I must agree as we’ve already come a long way and there’s really no turning back.


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