Monthly Archives: January 2017


Counting back the months, the very time I left this page made me feel so distant to the talent which I thought was my strongest suit— writing.

Today, I’m starting to re-establish my once mighty self to at least bring back the vigor as well as the excitement of sharing my thoughts on this world  called blogosphere.

Today, as I savor the silence brought by this splendid solitude I am likewise scribbling words, trying very hard to squeeze a thought, a sensible thought that could end this long drought, a dearth of admirable idea put into texts which in one way or another I call blogs.


It’s been a long absence and such span has dampened my once witty intellect, but there’s a flicker of hope I am seeing, especially from those who are waiting for my comeback, those who patiently wait for my new post. I hope that starting this year, that glimmer of optimism can sustain the life of this blog—A life that leaves a mark.

This is a self-proclamation of my dramatic comeback. Hi 2017!