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Simple Joy…

After receiving a little incentive from work, I planned to have a little jaunt with my family. Summer is not yet over, and we still have time to indulge our busy bods to some splashing and plopping into the water. Since we are on a tight budget, I knew we can’t afford to go in far-flung places to spend a day or two, either on a beach or any cool nature spots.

 From the time I came to live here in the metro, I had let many summers pass by, without me taking advantage of it. Summer has always been that same usual day full of workloads. And I, being a busy bee gradually forgot how fun it is during summer. Thus, when my significant other requested for an excursion I was left with no other choice but to give in to her plea. For a while, I have been seeing her salivating on the photos she stumbled upon on her friends on FB having stepped on different summer destinations, or doing any summer stuff. It makes her ecstatic, but most of the time, envy.

 To the rescue, I called her older sister to join us for a Sunday night swimming and scoured several resorts near our place so I can have them accommodated for an overnight stay. We, then, began on our preparation early in the morning, bought and cooked foods for the trip, and took a nap afterwards, readying our body for what we would call a night.

 Eight o’clock in the evening and we were in the place. I could see the excitement painted on the face of my family members. The place was good, enough to replenish our bodies. The pool was clean and there were few adult and kiddie slides to thrill us. We huddled at the cottage to eat what we’ve got, share stories of delight and for a while waited and rested until our body became more fitting for a swim.

with my family...

with my family…

 Sitting on a ledge, I got a clearer view of my family swimming in the pool. Realizations started springing in my thoughts. Simple things as they say are the ones that matter. Just like what I’ve done to make my family happy. We may not be able to visit famed beaches and get to experience luxurious accommodations still we were happy. Seeing their fulfilled faces with pure smiles on it while making waves in the water is really fulfilling.

 That night was one of the few summer nights to remember, I must say.